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When building your  , there are two modes for building and viewing your site: 

1)    Your Store/Site:  yourstore

2)    Your Workspace:  yourstore/admin

We recommend you keep two browser tabs or windows open so that you can toggle between the two locations.

Your Store/Site

1) Your store’s “front end” is the website or "store" that your customers will see, where they will go to view your website and to buy your products.  You will want to preview your store often as you are building your store, to see the changes you are making and how the site will look to your customers.

2) To reach your store’s website, type in the URL you created at sign-in for your store name.  That is, yourstore.  There is no need to type “www” at the beginning.

NOTE: Later on, you can move your store’s URL to your own custom domain, ie “”.  

NOTE: If you have forgotten your store name, please write an email to your support team.

3) After you've logged into your store, you will see a black box at the top, with links to "Logout", "My Account" and "Workspace".  This will not be visible to your customers, and is only visible to you when you are logged in as an administrator.  At any time, you can click on "Workspace" to enter your Workspace.


4) From within your Workspace, you can go back to your store by clicking on "View Your Store" from the top right corner of your Workspace.  


5) You can make changes to the content and images of your store from the store itself.  Here are more articles on what you can do from the site itself:

Adding Banner Images

Editing the Content on a Page

Adding Product Collections to your Store

Your Workspace

Your store’s Workspace is the administrative area where you will build your site.  Here you are able to create pages, add products, change the design layout, adjust your site's settings, upload your logo, as well as many other operations, all of which are explained in other articles of this support site.  View an overview of your Workspace here >

You will continue to use your Workspace regularly even after your site has gone live, to process orders, to review your site activity, and to update content and products.

To reach your store’s admin Workspace:

1)    go to yourstore/admin

2)    Enter the Email Address you used to create your Yourstore account.

3)    Enter the Password you created when you set up your Yourstore account.

4)    Click login.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your store name, please please write an email to your support team.


The “home” page of your Workspace is your Dashboard

This is where you will first be taken after you log in. You can navigate to all the sections of your Workspace by clicking on the menu items on the left. 

Click any of the links on your Workspace menu to see the many tools we've provided to help you to create your store's look and feel, add products and collections, manage customers and orders, and more.

For a complete overview of your Workspace, read this article Get to Know your Workspace >

At any time while customizing your site in the Workspace, you can click on 'View Your Store' link in the top right corner to go to your store's website. While visiting your store, you can preview how saved changes will look to your visitors, as well as make edits to the site right there from the front end.

Viewing and Editing your Store from the front end

From your Workspace, you can also navigate to your store's website by clicking on “View Your Store” in the upper right corner of your Workspace.  This will take you to your store.


When viewing your store, if you are logged in as an administrator, you will see a black bar at the top of the site.  On the right side of the black bar, are links to “Logout”, “My Account” and back to your “Workspace”. This black bar will not be viewable by your customers. 

When logged in as an admin, you will be able to edit your site right from the front end.  You will see “edit” buttons which allow you to make changes such as editing text and changing images on the home page of your site. 

To learn more, read these articles:

Adding Banner Images

Editing the Content on a Page

Adding Product Collections to your Store


Click on “Show Me How?” in the lower right corner of your browser for additional help.