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  supports several different page types, giving you a variety of options as to how you wish to display content on your  .  This article is an overview of all available page types, including descriptions and example screenshots.

Each time you add a new page, you will select the page type you wish to use. To learn how to add pages, read this article >

The page types are broadly categorized based on the characteristics of each page type.

  • Select the page type

  • Click on the scroll bar to choose the specific page type under that category.

Available Page Types:

These are the different page types, with sample screenshots included.  

Index Page

This is the Home page of your site.  This will be as per the home page of the   theme you have selected.

Mostly Text - About us  & Content  Page


A ready-made product gallery that lets you display your products on one page with a title and price.

 You will want to create a collection page for every  collection you wish to display on your site.

Collection- Type 1


Collection- Type 2

Mostly Images - Collection Landing

This page can be a lead-in to each of your product collections. Good if you have many collections.


Mostly Images - Small Gallery

A gallery page that lets you display your images with description in a neat grid


Mostly Images - Mostly Images 1

Mostly Images - Mostly Images 2

Mostly Images - Mostly Images 3

Restaurant Menu - Menu

Text & Images - Profile


Text & Images - Services

Images, title and text neatly aligned in a grid, to allow for a lot of detail about the services you provide.

Text & Images -  Type 1


Text & Images -  Type 2

Text & Images -  Type 3

Text & Images -  Type 4

Text & Images -  Type 5

Text & Images -  Type 6

Text & Images -  Type 7

Text & Images -  Type 8