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You can now display products from your web store on your business's Facebook page.  This is an effective and seamless way to promote your products as well as your website to your Facebook audience.

The Facebook store feature is FREE for all PowerStores customers. Learn how to activate your Facebook store!

Step-by-step guide to launching your Facebook store:

 1. Login to your Workspace

 2. Click on Marketing from the left menu. 

 3. Within Marketing, click on Social Media.

 4. Under Facebook App Store select "Create".

5. Select the collection you want to display on your Facebook store (learn about collections here).

6. From the dropdown menu, select how many columns you want to display on your Facebook Store (2 or 3).

 7. Select "Save Facebook Settings".

 8. To add a banner image, select "Choose File" under "Facebook Page Banner Image".

 9. Select the image to use for the banner, then select "Choose" to upload the image (image size should be 780 x 260 pixels).

 10. Select "Install On Facebook".

 11. You will be prompted to login to your Facebook account.

 12. Ensure share settings are set to "Public".

 13. From the dropdown menu, select the business Facebook page you want to share your products on, then click "Add Page Tab".

 14. After the installation is complete, you will be redirected back to your PowerStores Workspace.

 15. Select "View on Facebook" to see your new Facebook Store page.


16. Your new Facebook store will appear on your business Facebook page under the new "Shop" tab, and the products from the chosen collection will display here.


From the Facebook "Shop" tab, Facebook users can recommend or share your products with their Facebook friends, or they can click on the product itself to be taken directly to buy the product on your   website.