We provide a simple interface so you can start creating your website or online store immediately, called your Workspace. Your Workspace provides links to the areas of your store that you can set up and manage.

Click any of the links in the left nav bar to see the many tools we've provided to help you create your store's look and feel, add products and collections, manage customers and orders, and more. 

Let's guide you through each of the sections of your Workspace.


Your Dashboard is the starting place for your Admin Workspace.  Here you will find all your recent activity, including orders and sales.  You will see new customers, marketing campaigns, and more.  Click on the header of each box or a navigation link to the left to go into more detail.


This is where you can:

- customise your colors and fonts,

 create new pages and add metadata to your pages

- create a customer feedback form

create a blog and add blog posts, and

 - set up URL redirects


Here you will find all of your products. You can add, edit, export or import products on this page.


This is where you add/edit your collections to manage your products. Choose between Custom and Smart Collection.


View and process orders here.  Authorise payments, fulfill shipping and add tracking numbers, email customers, and more.


Manage your customers, import customer lists, add/edit customers and create mailing lists.


We provide three online marketing functions here: Discount Coupons, our Loyalty Program, and Social Media integration.  Set up and manage your marketing programs here.


Change your theme settings such as colours and fonts, publish and install new themes, and customise your theme layouts using our Fluid HTML/CSS markup language (advanced users only).


Order additional services from our platform include, including Marketing/SEO packages, translation and currency conversion, design work, content writing, and more, directly from your Workspace. Not available in all countries.


Manage your settings, set up taxation and shipping rules, activate payment methods, set policies and configure domain name (URL) forwarding.


View reports on sales and site traffic to your store here.