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Once you have logged in to your Workspace for the first time, you're ready to start building your  .  Below is a list of suggested first steps, with links to the help sections for each.

First Steps:

1)    Upload your logo - Learn How >

2)    Select colours - Learn How >

3)    Add your first product - Learn How >

4)    Create pages - Learn How >

5)    Learn about Payment Gateways - Read Here >  

For More Info

You might also want to check out these great articles/videos:

The Grand Tour - watch a video demonstration of how to create Yourstore.

Building and Viewing Your Store - an overview of how to login to your Admin Workspace, how to edit your store, and more

Get to Know Your Workspace - an introduction to each of the areas of your Admin Workspace, and what you can do there. 


If you have any questions, please write an email to your support team.