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  1. Integrating Social Media In Your Site

    Adding Social Media to your store's pages is a great way to promote your store and its products. How it Works After you follow the steps below, the links to your social media sites will be displayed on your store. Visitors to your store can click the links to "Like" your pages or share them in their own social media
    Help CenterJun 23, 2016
  2. Add social media posts

    -38-42.png If you choose Send Now, click SEND. If you choose Schedule, select a Date Scheduled and then click SAVE. Click SEND.  SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS … To post on Facebook or Twitter Log in to Click SOCIAL HUB on the left menu. SOCIAL HUB.png Click ADD POST.  image2018-12
    Help CenterJan 02, 2019
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS send.png

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  4. Social Media

    Help CenterSep 18, 2014
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  6. Refiral

    new customers and retain existing customers.  Step one: Visitors are offered instant discounts on their current purchases on sharing discounts among friends on social media networks. Instant discounts convert these visitors to actual paying customers. Step Two: Discount links shared result in free, targeted social
    Help CenterFeb 27, 2015
  7. Social Hub

    SOCIAL HUB is a feature that allows businesses to connect with their customers through social media platforms. SOCIAL HUB allows you to  add social media posts schedule social media posts send newsletters to the site subscribers, and connect social media accounts to To learn
    Help CenterJan 10, 2019
  8. Web Widget Tags

    Web widget tags are used for displaying the social media content in Fluid. Here are the following tags used: facebook This adds the Facebook web widget … in the Social Media tab under Settings in the Admin Portal. This tag has the following properties: action – whether you want a like button or like box
    DocumentationOct 17, 2014
  9. Want Button

    The WANT Button allows your customers to share the products they want directly from your product page to their social media account. Every item added … the AddThis social media buttons, or anywhere you want it to appear on the page. wantbuttonproductfluid.jpeg Adjust the parameter values as shown below. This can
    Help CenterNov 06, 2014
  10. Get started with workspace

    a customer feedback form adding images setting up URL redirects, and integrating social media accounts. This is what the WEBSITE page looks like … media accounts. This is what the SOCIAL HUB page looks like. Socialhub_data.png Settings On the SETTINGS page, you can find information about managing
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