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Once you have chosen a theme for your  , you can customize it, including changing colors, adding your company logo, and adding banner images.

Each   theme has its own set of Specifications, including the correct image sizes for your logo, banners, and product images.  You need to download the specifications for your theme.

To access your theme specifications:

  1. Go to the theme store at
  2. Find your theme and click the theme.
  3. Click "Theme Specifications" at the bottom of the page, then "Click Here" to download.
  4. From the Dropbox, download the PDF file with your theme specifications.  
  5. Open the PDF file.  Thre PDF contains a visual documentation of your theme's home page with all the image sizes indicated.

    EXAMPLE: The image shows the specs for the "SPA" theme.  Download your own theme specs from the     theme store.

  6. On the second page of the PDF, you will find the specifications for all images and content for all the pages of your site, based on this theme.

    NOTE: If you choose to change your theme later, remember to download the specifications for your new theme and follow those new specifications for your image sizes.

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