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Beautifully simple website tools designed to help you get likes, get shares, get followers and get discovered. Add This Analytics provide in-depth data on how, where and by whom your content is being shared.

  1. Login to your Workspace.
  2. In a second browser tab, signup for AddThis here.
  3. After completing signup, click "Get Basic". (You can always upgrade later for a larger suite of features)
  4. After the AddThis overview, click "Get Started".
  5. Select your AddThis sharing tool preferences.
  6. Copy the generated code to your clipboard then select "Activate".
  7. Return to your Workspace tab. Select "Settings" then "General".
  8.  Scroll to the bottom and paste the copied script code into the "Additional Javascript" field. Select "Apply Settings" to save the changes. 
  9. See screenshot to below to view how AddThis may look on your website/webstore.