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You can insert an image into your blog post, including a header image and any number of images you wish.

The first image in your blog post will appear as a "banner" image on the main page of your blog.

How to insert an image in your blog post:

1) Login to your Workspace

2) Go to Website > Blogs, then enter your blog (if you've not created a blog, click here to learn how)

3) Click to edit an existing post or create a new post

4)  Position your cursor to the place in the article text where you want the image to appear, and click the image icon.

5) A dialog box will pop up.  Click "Browse Server"

6) Click the "+" button to browse your computer files and select the image.  Then click "Upload".

7) You'll get a success message after upload, and the image will now be listed in your files. Click OK.

8) Select the image from the list on the left, and the image will be displayed.  Click the "Select" button.

9) An "Image Properties" dialog will appear.  We recommend that you:

  • Enter an Alternate text (to display if/when the image does not), and
  • Clear the dimensions of the image.  Remove any numbers from the "Width" and "Height" fields.  This will prevent the image from looking stretched.

Click OK when finished.

10) Your image will now be added to your post.  Click "Save Blog Post" when finished.