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You will want to add an image for all of your products, to show your customers what you are selling.

To Add an Image for your Product

1. Create a product. 

To add an image for a product, first you must create a product.  After you have created your first product variation and click “Save”, you will now see a place at the bottom of the page to upload an image.

2. Click Add Image to upload your image.  

3. You can select an image from your computer or from a selection of online sites such as Facebook, Dropbox and more.  To upload a file from your computer, select "My Computer" on the left, then click “Choose File” to locate the image on your computer.

You can use the image attached to this article (product_wayfarer.jpg) as a test image.  Or you can use one of your own.  Read this article about image file specifications.

Our recommendations for your product image are the following:

  • the image size should be square, we recommend 1000 x 1000 pixels in size

  • the file size should be 1 MB or less

  • file type .jpg, .jpeg, or .png

  • the file name should have no special characters, including no spaces