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The product pages on your   must display a large amount of information to your customers, including a photo, description, pricing, size and colour options, and more.  This means there is a lot of information you will need to input about each product.

When you are new to yourstore and want to try out adding a product, you may want to try it out the first time without all those details.

This article will explain the basics of adding a product, including all the required fields.  Here we will skip over the optional fields and tricky stuff like product variants.  If you want the full field-by-field description, go here.

We will run through this process with an example product, a pair of sunglasses.

To add your first product:

1. Login to your workspace

2. Click on Products from the left menu. 

3. Now click on Add Product.

4. You will first be asked to "Edit Product Details."  Here you enter the product name and description

NOTE: The required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).  We’ll just cover the required fields here.

  • Title: This is the name of the product as it will appear in your store front

  • Product Handle: This is automatically generated as you type the title.

  • Description: Enter a description.

5. Enter Product Attributes

Scroll down to the "Product Attributes" section.  For now, just enter “Product Type” and “Brand/Manufacturer Name”, these are the required fields.  If you’re not sure what to put here, just put “Test”.  You can always change it later.

6. In the "Edit Variation" box, enter a selling price.  For now you can ignore all other fields in this box except Selling Price.  

7. Click “Save” (the save button appears above “Edit Variation”).  You will get a pop-up window saying “Success: [Title] saved successfully”.  Click OK.

8. Now, add an image for your product:

  • After you save your product information, you will now see a space at the bottom of the page to upload an image.

  • Click Add Image to upload your image.  You can select an image from your computer or from a selection of online sites such as Facebook, Dropbox and more.  To upload a file from your computer, select "My Computer" on the left, then click “Choose File” to locate the image on your computer.

You can use the image attached to this article (product_wayfarer.jpg) as a test image.  Or you can use one of your own.  Read this article about image file specifications.

  • Click Upload
  • Now you should see your image uploaded here

Now you have added your first product!

Next Steps

Before you can see your product displayed in your  , you will need to add your product to a collection and then call that collection on your home page.


Read about collections here: Introduction to Collections