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In this article, we will show you how to set up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code to track monthly sales and ad conversions. In this article, we assume that you already have a Google AdWords account and know how to use it.

How to set up conversion tracking in Google AdWords:

1. Log into your Google AdWords account. Click on Tools and Analysis and then click on Conversions

2. Click the New Conversion button.

3. Enter the name of the conversion you would like to track in your  and select where your customers will complete the conversion (such as your 'Thank You' page). Click Save and continue.

4. On the next page, in the Conversion category field, choose the category that best applies to your conversion, e.g. if you want to track sales, you need to choose ‘Purchase/Sale’ in the drop-down menu. Below the Conversion category field, you can configure page security level and conversion value in the drop-down menus. Also, in the Tracking indicator field, choose whether you want to let your customers know that you're using conversion tracking by putting a Google Sites Stats notification on the page. Click Save and Continue.

5. Within the Generate code page, you get 2 options: to add the code to the site yourself by choosing ‘I make changes to the code’ or let someone else add the code by clicking ‘Someone else makes changes to the code’. If you check the first option, you will notice a new field with the code. 

For more information on the Google AdWords Tracking Code, read:

Adding the Code to your  :

Once you have the code, it’s time to add the code to your  .

1. Login to your  :

  • Go to   /admin
  • Enter your login details and click "Login"
  • You will then be taken to your Workspace

2. Click on Settings from the left menu. 

3. Within the Settings page, under General Settings, find the link to 'Add additional javascript' on the bottom of the page

 4. Enter your Google AdWords Tracking code into the field. If there is code in this field already, just copy the code somewhere under or above the existing code.

 5. Click Apply Settings to save the changes.

Test in your AdWords account:

After you set up conversion tracking, make sure that it’s working and working correctly.

1. Go to you Google AdWords account→Tools and Analysis→Conversions.

2. In the Conversions table, check the Tracking status to make sure that your conversion tracking has been verified. You might need to refresh the page for it to verify.