You may want to link some of your products to another website outside of your store. For example, if one of your products has been promoted in a magazine or in a blog, you may want to show this to your customers. Adding a link in your Product Description is a good way to go about this.

To add a URL in the Product Description:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Products from the left menu. 

3. Choose the product from the product list below, and click on Edit.

4. In the Description box, type the text you want to link. 


5.  To make this text into a hyperlink, highlight the text you want to use, then click on the chain icon (next to Format, see below)


6. Then this window will pop up:

7. In the URL field, add the address you want to link to.

8. We recommend you set the hyperlink to open a new window, rather than to open this website in the same window.  That way, your customers will not leave your store's site.  To do this, click on the "Target" tab, then in the pulldown menu, choose "undefined".  The Target Frame Name with auto-populate with "_blank".

9. Click OK. 

11. Scroll down and click Save.