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You can build and update a business site using tools and immediately publish changes to the client site.

Changes that you made to the site are immediately accessible to customers when you click SAVE AND APPLY.

You can immediately view your updates to the site by clicking VIEW YOUR SITE.

The Workspace is the administrative area where users build websites. Workspace allows you to

  • create pages

  • design layout

  • add products

  • adjust the site’s settings

  • upload logos, and

  • choose other options.

NOTE: See Get started with workspace for detailed steps.

To access Workspacelog in to the client site.

Forgot password?

If you forgot or misplaced your login credentials, contact the support team.

The Workspace homepage contains the site's information, including products and customer statistics. 

Click the menu items on the left to navigate the options for building the website. 

The client site contains information about products or prices.

NOTEYou have access to LOGOUT, MY ACCOUNT, and WORKSPACE located in the upper right-hand corner of the header. These tabs are not available to customers.

NOTEIf the website is ready for publishing, move the site’s URL to its own domain (www.<site_name>.com).