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   offers several themes from which you can choose to create a look and feel for your  .  

During the signup process, you were asked to choose a theme.  If you wish to consider changing to a different theme, follow these steps:

To locate your current theme:

  1. Login to your Workspace
  2. Click Themes from the left menu. 
  3. Click "My Themes" to see your current (published) theme.

To Find New Themes:

  1. From Themes, click Find Themes The list of available themes appears.
  2. Click on "+Install" next to the theme you wish to choose.  Click "Yes" on the confirm box.
  3. Now your theme appears under your "My Themes" area, listed under "Unpublished Themes".

    At this point, no changes have been made to your site.  Your site only changes to the new theme after you click "Publish".

  4. Click "Publish" to publish your theme.

To View and Edit Your New Theme:

Click "View Your Store" to see your store with the new published theme.

2. You can change your theme settings, such as colours and fonts.  Read these articles for more information: