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The currency for your   can easily be changed. 

Supported Currencies:

  supports the following currencies:

  • Indian Rupees (INR)

  • US dollars (USD) 

  • Canadian dollars (CAD)

  • Euros (EUR)

  • Hong Kong dollars (HKD)

  • British pounds (GBP)

Default Currency

The default currency for your store is set based on your store's home country, from your address as is entered in General Settings.  

To view or change your home country:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Settings from the left menu. 

3. Within Settings, click on General Settings.

4. Update your address and click "Apply Settings."

Manually Changing Your Currency

However, you can manually change your currency to a different currency from that of your home country. 

1) From the same page Settings > General Settings, scroll to the "Units and Formats" section.

2) Within "Currency", choose from the pulldown menu options.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Apply Settings."