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Within your workspace "Orders" section, you can export a list of customers who added a product to their shopping cart and then left your website without paying for their order. This is called an “abandoned cart”.  

This abandoned cart list provides helpful information to you, showing you who visited your site and considered purchasing, but didn't.  They're still a "warm lead" which you can try to convert to a sale, by reaching out to them.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your abandoned cart list:

  • Send them a reminder email
  • Give them a discount code to help turn their indecision into a sale
  • Phone them

To Export Your Abandoned Cart List:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Orders from the left menu. 

3. Click "Export Abandoned Carts" button at the top.


4. Choose your dates and click the "Export" button.

5. A file called "abandoned_checkout_export.csv" will be downloaded.  You can open the file in Excel or other spreadsheet software to view.


You will see that each row in the exported spreadsheet will have a field called "Link". This is the hyperlink you can send to customers via email, for them to easily access their abandoned cart.