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If you don't want a product to be shown in the store anymore, we suggest you to hide it rather than deleting it. The product will remain in your   inventory, and you can select to show the product at any time. 

Deleting a product means you delete it permanently, and you would have to add that product again later if you want it to be in the store again.

To Hide a Product:

If you do not want a product to display in your store, but you don’t want to delete it permanently, you should hide the product instead.

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Products from the left menu. 

3. You will see your list of products.  Click the Edit icon next to the product you wish to hide.

4. Under “Product Attributes”, find Show this product in the store. Change from “Yes” to “No”.

5. Click "Save".  This will hide your product from view in your store. 

If you wish to show the product in your store again later, simply do the same procedure, only change the option Show this product in the store to "Yes".