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1.  Go to the Workspace

2. Click on Marketing from the left menu.

3. Within Marketing, click on Newsletter Campaigns.

4. Select Create New

Create the Newsletter Campaign

 1.  Select Create New

            Step 1 - In Select Your List, select the desired list eg: Webware Testing

Step 2 - Under Campaign Name, enter the desired name. Eg: Happy Holidays December 2017

Step 3 - In From Name enter Your/Sender name eg:  (Business Name)

Step 4 - In Reply to enter Your/Sender email id eg: (Business Email ID)

Step 5 - Subject Line can be Identical to the Campaign Name.

 2.   Start building the Newsletter Template

        - Under the Newsletter Body, click on Templates and select the desired template from the dropdown.

3. Edit Newsletter Template

  • Edit images as required
    i. Double Click Image
    ii. Select Browse Server
    iii. Select Upload Image
    iv.  Select image from connected social platforms or select Choose File
    v. Check off the box next to the uploaded image to add in the 
    vi. Updated Media file
    vii. Select OK

  •  Edit links as required
    i. Highlight image or text
    ii. Click Ctrl, L
    iii. Add link in URL bar

4. Change the color of the links/buttons

  • Edit links/buttons as required
    • Highlight button or text
    • Double Click on the button/text
    • Click on Advanced
    • Scroll to the bottom of the window
    • Under Style, got to color: (put the color of your choice, eg: red)
    • Once the template is ready, click on Save As Draft.

5. Test the template

  • Once the template is ready,  You can send out a test email from here by selecting the option Send Draft via Email upto 3 people at a time.