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It is possible to change the font on your   to a custom one, but this requires some code to be inserted in the HTML/CSS editor. For any queries, please contact us on   and we will help you out.

Choose your custom font

1. You can choose a free font from Google. Just go to and choose which font you would like to use on your PowerStore. When you have found one you like, simply click the blue button Add to Collection.

2. On the bottom of the site, a box named Collection (1 font family) and the option Use appears at the right of the box. Click on Use.

3. Scroll down to option "3: Add this code to your website." Copy this code.

To add the font into your  

1. After you've copied the code from the Google page, go to your    Workspace.

2. Click Themes from the left menu. 

3. Click Theme Code

4. Click the "+" to expand the section Layouts, and double-click on theme.fluid. The code appears to the right.

5. Paste the code that you've copied into the {% head %} tag as shown on screenshot below  and click Save.

6. To see the font on your  , you now need to insert the name of the font into the CSS file (this is the style sheet of your store). Scroll down in the right column until you get to the section named Assets  and click site.css.fluid

7. In the code editor now look for the tag named h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6. These are the headings.

8. Remove the code after font-family: and add the name of the font you chose from Google Fonts. In this case Fauna One. (Fauna+One in the code you copied from Google). Don't forget to put " " around the font name and close the tag with a semi colon, as seen on the screen shot.

9. Click Save.

To view the new font on your website/store:

Click "View Your Store" in the upper right corner of your Workspace.

2. The homepage screen appears.  The headings you have added on your   should now be in the new font.

NOTE: If the new font is not showing, click "Refresh" to refresh the page.