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Launching PowerStores referral widget is very simple with InviteReferrals.

InviteReferrals is the simplest tool to design and launch customer referral campaigns. Your customers can invite friends to shop on your online store via multiple options including email, facebook, twitter, google+, Linkedin or chat. InviteReferrals tracks each invite sent, site visit and referral sale to reward the referrer.

First you would need to signup on InviteReferrals in order to get the code specific to your website/e-store . Sign up for free now !! . Then create a referral campaign in the inviteReferrals panel.

Follow these steps to add InviteReferrals integration code to your store:

General integration

1. Login to your InviteReferrals admin panel and get your InviteReferrals Static javascript integration code from the documentation section -> Javascript code.

2. Login to your PowerStores workspace. Go to Settings -> General.

3. Set the order ID placeholder as #{{order_name}}

4. Paste the InviteReferrals integration code in the “Additional Javascript” field and then click “Apply Settings”.

5. Refer the screenshot below

Order tracking integration

1. Go to “Settings > Checkout And Payment” in PowerStores workspace.

2. Paste the InviteReferrals integration code in the “Additional Script” field.

3. You need to pass the additionally pass {{order_name}} tag in the orderID parameter of invitereferrals static javascript code.

i.e, orderID : “{{order_name}}”

4. click “Apply Settings”.

5. Refer the screen shot below.

Thats it! Your PowerStores referral widget is ready.