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Convert traffic into social fans, email subscribers and sales with on site promotions with JustUno.

  1. Login to your Workspace.
  2. Create a coupon code from the “Marketing” tab. Select “Coupons” then “Add a Coupon”. Click here for more information on creating coupon codes.

  3. In a second browser tab, sign up for JustUno here.

  4. After completing signup, Click “Let’s go” to set up your account and promotion. *Remember to input the same coupon code you created in step 2 into JustUno.

  5. After setting up your JustUno account and promotion, copy the generated script to your clipboard.

  6. Return to your Workspace tab, select “Settings” then select “General” tab.

  7. Scroll to the bottom and paste the copied script code into the “Additional Javascript” field. See screenshot below.

  8. Select “Apply Settings” to save the changes.

  9. See screenshots below to view how JustUno will look on your website/webstore.