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First you would need to get the code specific for your website/e-store at Then follow the steps below once you have received this code:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on the “Website” tab -->Template Editor

3. Open theme.fluid

4. Paste the following code inside {% body %}

Refer the screenshot below:

6. You might have to make modifications in the CSS depending on the theme selected. To modify the CSS:

a. Login to your Workspace

b. Click on the “Website” tab -->Template Editor

c. Open site.css.fluid

d. After modifying the the site.css.fluid click on “Save” for the changes to appear

Refer to the screenshot below:

Once the Settings have been saved, Click on "View Site" on the top right hand side to ensure the Linkedin widget has been installed successfully. Refer to the screenshot below for how it should appear on the front-end: