For yourself and any others who you wish to access the Admin Workspace, each will be listed as a customer with either "ClientAdmins" or "ClientStaff" level access. 

To create another Admin user within your organization, simply add that person as a customer, then set his/her Group to "ClientAdmins" or "ClientStaff", as described below.

To Edit Your Customers and Assign Rights:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Customers from the left menu. 


3. Here you will find a list of all your customers. Double-click on a name to view the member information.

4. Click Edit Member at the bottom of the box to edit, or Add Member to create a new member.

5. In the Group field, select the appropriate group using the pull-down menu. For full rights access to the Workspace, select "ClientAdmins" or "ClientStaff"

Group rights refer to the level of access members have in your Webware. See the top of this article "User Rights Access Levels" for a list of options and what rights are granted for each.


6. Click Save when finished.