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Moneris is a major payment gateway in North America.  Moneris processes more than 3 billion credit and debit card transactions a year, for over 350,000 merchant locations across North America.

   partnership with Moneris allows for businesses based out of USA or Canada. This document will explain how to become a Moneris merchant, and how to configure your Moneris account to work with your    website.

How to obtain a Merchant account with Moneris

Step 1: Sign Up online
 The first step is to sign up online with Moneris.


  • Click on “Apply Now”  and fill in all the relevant details

Step 2: Moneris will issue you a Store ID + Merchant Secret Hash Key

Once you are approved, Moneris will issue you a Store ID and a Merchant Secret Hash Key with your account activation.  Be sure to note down this information.

You will need to enter your Store ID and Merchant Secret Hash Key in your      workspace.  Follow the steps below for setting up Moneris and adding your account info in your website.

Configuring your Moneris account with your   website

You will need to follow these steps to set up your Moneris account to link to your    store.

  1. Go to the Moneris Merchant Resource Center at 
  2. Login by entering your username, store ID, and password


3. Navigate to “ADMIN” > “hosted config” and click “Generate a New Configuration” button

4. On the next page titled “Hosted Paypage Configuration”, enter the following details:

  • Description - should be the name of your store exactly as it appears in your   workspace
  • Transaction Type - choose “Purchase”
  • Payment Methods - select “Credit Cards”
  • Response Method - select “Sent to your server as a GET”
  • Declined URL - enter http://  /moneris_declined.cfm  (replace “yourstore” with your actual    site name)
  • Click the checkbox to select “Use Enhanced Cancel”
  • Click on “Save Changes

5. Next, click the “Configure Security” button under the “Security Features” header, and complete the following fields:

  •  Transaction Verification  - click the checkbox  “Enable Transaction Verification”
  •  Response Method  -  choose “Sent to your server as a GET”
  •  Set the " Response URL " to http://siteurl/moneris_txn_verified.cfm  (where site url will be the live url of your website  ex:
  •  Click Save verification settings”

6. Once the above process is completed, you will see your " ps_store_id " and " hpp_key ".

You will need to enter your  ps_store_id "  (Store Id) and " hpp_key " (Merchant Secret Hash Key) in your website.  Follow the steps below for setting up Moneris and adding your account info into your   website.

Setting Moneris as your Payment Method

To configure Moneris as the payment gateway for your     website, you can do so within your     workspace:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Settings from the left menu.

3. Within Settings, click on Checkout and Payments.

4. Here you will see all the     integrated payment methods, including Moneris. In the pulldown menu, select Moneris.

5.  In the Popup window

  • Enter Store Id

  • Enter the Merchant Secret Hash key

  • Click Save

To ensure that Moneris has been set up properly, do a test transaction and on the “Checkout” page you will see the Moneris gateway appear under Payment Options.

If you have any issues while setting up Moneris, please contact us at  , we will be happy to help!