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In your Workspace, under the Marketing tab, you can create and manage promotions for your store in the form of discount coupons.

When your customers check out, they will have the option to enter a coupon code and take advantage of a discounts you've provided. 

You can create coupons to discount individual products or entire orders. Your coupons can be based on a dollar or rupee amount (or your chosen currency) or a percentage discount. You can choose to decrease the balance over time or reset the balance each time.

Decide how long to run a promotion by setting start and end dates for the coupon's validity. You can even choose how many times a customer can use a coupon. This limit will apply to each unique customer, based on the customer information they use to log into your store. Theoretically, a customer could create several accounts and use the coupon the maximum number of times you indicate with each account.

You can manage coupons in your Workspace with a few simple clicks. You can start a coupon, pause it, or delete it. With   's Coupons tool, you have complete control over discounts.
Learn how to create a Discount Coupon.