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To understand how the order process works, you might want to place a test order. This way you will see what your customers will see when they place an order.  In addition, you can test out the steps for processing an order.

For a payment method, we suggest selecting Cash on Delivery to test your purchase. You won't need to enter credit card or other information that needs to be processed. You can set up Cash on Delivery as a payment option for the test and then remove it afterwards if you wish. 

To Turn On Cash On Delivery (COD) Payment Method:

By default, the Cash On Delivery (COD) payment option is enabled for all new Stores.  If you have not made any changes to your payment methods, you should have COD already enabled.

Read more about COD and how to turn it on or off here >

To Place a Test Order:

1. Go to your storefront on your Yourstore Url. If you are logged in as an admin, you should log out, so you can visit your site as a "customer".

2. Select a product in your store. Click Buy Now/Add to Cart and then Checkout.

3. Fill in the information and your Billing Address. 

4. Select a Shipping option and choose COD for your payment method.

5. After you click Continue, you'll see the "Thank You" screen. 

You can then go to the email account for the email ID you entered when purchasing, to see what your customers will see when they make a purchase and receive a confirmation email.

To View the Order in Your Workspace:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Orders from the left menu. 

3. You will see your test order listed here.  Click the Order ID to view all the details.

4. Try out fulfilling the order and accepting payment

NOTE: Once an order is placed, it can't be deleted from the Admin Workspace. 

You can also look at the Customers tab to see the registration information you entered when creating your test order.