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Qualaroo is the onsite survey tool that lets you ask website visitors questions in real time right from the page they’re on. Ask them who they are, what they’re looking for, or why they’re not quite ready to buy.

Use Qualaroo to Uncover: User experience issues, Messaging, visitor trust and confidence issues, Upsell, cross-sell and promotional opportunities, Technology or cart issues preventing checkout, Product offering opportunities.

  1. Login to your Workspace.
  2. In a second browser tab, sign up for Qualaroo here.

  3. After completing the signup process, copy the generated code to your clipboard.

  4. Return to your Workspace tab, click on “Settings” then click the “General” tab.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and paste the copied script code into the “Additional Javascript” field. See screenshot below.

  6. Click “Apply Settings” to save the changes.

  7. Return to the Qualaroo tab in your browser and click on “Dashboard”.

  8. Click on “Create new survey” to set up the survey/nudge for your website.

  9. After your survey is created and live, it will appear on your website/webstore.