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You can create a preset to save your current theme settings, either for security backup purposes or to experiment with other themes. You can then use the preset to "roll-back" to the theme at any time, guarding all of your theme settings.

It is recommended to save the default or manufacturer settings of a theme before you start customizing settings. You could create a preset and name it Default.

The presets is stored in the settings_data.json  file within the theme files. If you are a designer creating a new theme, make sure you include the settings_data.json file in your theme. When users install the theme with this file included, they will see your preset styles in the pull-down menu in Theme Settings.

To Create Presets:

  1. Login to your Workspace
  2. Click Themes from the left menu. The Theme Settings screen appears.
  3. Check the checkbox Create a new preset and enter a name for the preset.

5. Click Save and Apply

Only four presets are allowed per theme.