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With the postal-code based shipping feature from   , you can set up your shipping fees and logistics rules on a postal/zip/pin code level. This upgraded shipping feature can give you ultimate flexibility -- to set the shipping charges and delivery ranges that work best for your business.  

You can also determine how your shipping rates are calculated, whether it’s based on the weight of your product or the price of the product. Then you can charge higher shipping rates for heavier or more expensive products, to compensate for the increase in postal/delivery insurance.    allows you to create up to 9 different shipping rate slabs, to cover a range of weights or prices, and to set up the shipping fees by postal code AND by slab.

Step-by-step guide to setting up postal-code based shipping in your   :

NOTE: First you must notify   by emailing   that you want postal-code-based shipping enabled in your store. This feature must first be turned on by your    .

Once you have postal-code based shipping enabled for your store:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Settings from the left menu. 

3. Under Settings, select the Shipping tab.

4. Select Use postal code based shipping rates

NOTE: If you don't see this option visible in your workspace, it has not been turned on for your  . Contact us by emailing   and inform us that you want postal-code-based shipping enabled in your store, and we will set it up.

Next, you will need to set up your slabs.  Slabs are the categories, either by weight or by price, in which your postal code-based shipping rates are determined.  If you don't have slabs, and you have only one shipping rate per postal code, you can skip ahead to step 8.

5. Choose weight-based shipping rates or price based shipping rates.

6. Set the first slab by choosing the upper and lower parameter for Rate 1. For example, if weight-based shipping, Rate 1 may be for shipments weighing from 0 kgs to 3 kgs.

7. Enter as many slabs as required by you, by clicking the "+" and adding the rates. You can have up to 9 rate slabs.

NOTE: If you have weight-based slabs, you need to ensure that you have entered the weight in the product details of every product. Learn more about adding products.

8. Upload your postal code rates.  You will need to upload a CSV file with set fields.  You can download a sample CSV file to see how the fields should be formatted.  You can also email your        at    for assistance with this step.


Now you are equipped with zip-code based rates, as well as by weight-based or price-based slabs.  You can test it out yourself by adding a product to your cart, and going to the checkout page.  Enter different zip codes to see how the shipping charges change.


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