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After a customer places an order, your next step is to ship the products to the customer.

The Order detail screen shows you the shipping status of an order, including which items still need to be shipped.

Once you've shipped an order, you need to mark it as "Fulfilled" in the Orders section of your Workspace. This will update the Order Status for this order to Shipped.

Then you can immediately:

  • Accept payment, as in the case of received checks or money orders

  • Wait for payment, as in the case of cash on delivery orders

  • Leave it open until all items are paid and fulfiled, or

  • Close the order.

The Orders screen shows a list of all orders, and their payment status and shipping status.

To Mark and Fulfill an Order:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Orders from the left menu.  

3. Click the Order ID of the order you need to fulfil.


4. The order details now appear on the Order ID screen. Once you have shipped the item(s), click Fulfill Order.

5. Check the items you've shipped (this is to allow for partial order fulfilment, if there are multiple items in the order).

6. Enter a Tracking Number, if available. This is a unique number assigned to the shipment by the shipping company you've used to ship the products. For example, if you ship via UPS, a tracking number will be assigned by UPS. The Tracking Number allows the customer follow the progress of the package to its destination.

7. Enter the Tracking URL, if available. This URL should take the customer to the website of the shipping company you have used and allow the customer to enter the Tracking Number to follow the progress of the package to its destination.

8. Check Notify customer of shipment to send a notification email to the customer that the order has shipped, and with the tracking details.

9. Click Save.

10. The Orders screen will now show that the order has been shipped, and your customer will receive a confirmation email.