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Stripe is a payment gateway that allows merchants in the USA and Canada to accept payments by credit card.  As a merchant, you can easily integrate Stripe with your    to accept credit card payments for online purchases.

This article will cover how to find your Stripe merchant account info, called the Publishable Key and Secret Key, which must be entered into your   dashboard to allow you to accept payments with Stripe.

To learn how to obtain a merchant account with Stripe, or how to integrate Stripe with your  , read this article here >

How to Find Your Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key

  1. Go to your Stripe by visiting and clicking "Open Dashboard" button.  
  2. View your Account Settings in the top right of the screen. ( it's within the dropdown menu) 


3. Go to the API tab, as seen here:

4. View your keys under "Live Secret Key" and "Live Publishable Key".


NOTE: For instructions on how to enter this into your  , click here.

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