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  ’s partnership with Stripe allows for businesses based out of USA or Canada. The accepted currencies are US dollars or Canadian dollars.

Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 USD per successful charge, or less based on volume. Credit cards supported for   customers via Stripe are: Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

This article will cover how to obtain a merchant account with Stripe, and how to integrate Stripe with your  .

To read more about payment gateways and compare all   payment gateway options, read this article here >

How to obtain a Merchant account with Stripe


Step 1: Sign Up online

The first step is to sign up online with Stripe.

Step 2: Activate Your Account

When you Sign up you will be in Test Mode, and you would need to Activate your account.  When you opt to activate your account, you will need to fill out the following form:

After you complete the form, click “Activate Account”.


Step 3: Stripe will issue you a Publishable Key + Secret Key

Once you are approved, Stripe will issue your Publishable Key and Secret Key with your account activation.  This is similar to the Merchant ID issued by other payment gateways.


Step 4: Update your  

You will need to enter your Publishable Key and Secret Key in your  .  Follow the steps below for setting up Stripe and adding your account info in your  .


Setting Stripe as your Payment Method

To configure Stripe as a payment gateway for your  :

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Settings from the left menu. 

3. Within Settings, click on Checkout and Payments.

4. Here you will see all the   integrated payment methods, including Stripe. In the pulldown menu, select Stripe.

NOTE: you will only see Stripe as a payment option here if the "Country" field in your shop address is USA or Canada.  Go to Settings > General Settings to update your business address.

5. Enter the Publishable key & Secret key as provided by Stripe. 

  • To get your keys go to your Stripe account and go to the settings option in the top right of the screen. ( it's within the drop down menu) 


Go to the API tab as seen here

  • Copy the information into your    workspace settings 

6. Click Save.


To ensure that Stripe has been set up properly, do a test transaction and on the “Checkout” page you will see the Stripe gateway appear under Payment Options.

If you have any issues while setting up Stripe, please contact us at  , we will be happy to help!