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Build your own fully customized chat buttons with UserLike and adapt the chat window to fit the identity and style of your business. It's built around simplicity and ease of use, your service operators will be familiar with Userlike’s dashboard and chat panel in no time! Track the success of your chat efforts with the ability to set up and track your goals, see how each operator is performing, use tag and filters options to efficiently process the requests.

  1. Login to your Workspace.
  2. Click here to sign up for UserLike in a second browser tab.

  3. After signup, copy the generated script code to your clipboard.

  4. Return to your Workspace tab, click on “Settings” then click the “General” tab.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and paste the copied script code into the “Additional Javascript” field. See screenshot below.

  6. Click “Apply Settings” to save the changes.

  7. Return to the UserLike tab in your browser, click “Next step” and then “Done” to go to the Dashboard.

  8. From the left menu of the Dashboard, click “Chat Panel” to start chatting with your customers!

  9. See below to view how UserLike will appear on your website/webstore.