• Order Number
  • Order Date and Time
  • Name of the Purchaser
  • Order status (Open or Closed)
  • Payment Status (Paid, Pending, Declined, or Authorized)
  • Shipping Status (Not Shipped, Fully Shipped, or Partially Shipped. A new order will be listed as "Not Shipped")
  • Total amount of the order in your currency

4. You can sort the orders by clicking on any of the headers. 

5. You can filter the order list by order status, payment status, shipping status, or date.


6. You can search for specific orders using the search box and entering the order number or the Name of the Purchaser.

Viewing and Processing an Order

When you click on a specific Order Number, you can get all the details of that particular order, including:

1.    Name of the Purchaser
2.    Email Address of the Purchaser
3.    Contact Details of the Purchaser
4.    Shipping Address
5.    Billing Address
6.    Payment Method
7.    Shipping Method
8.    Product Details - Product Name, Price, Quantity and Total Amount
9.    Order History

At the top of the Order page you also have the option of:

1.    Attaching a Note to the order for internal purposes - Learn More
2.    Emailing the Buyer regarding his Order - Learn More 
3.    Printing the Order - Learn More
4.    Closing the Order - Learn More

When you receive payment (for offline payments such as Cash on Delivery), you need to manually accept the payment to reflect that in the order status. Learn More.

Similarly, when you ship the order, you need to mark the shipment as fulfilled so that it gets reflected in the order status. Learn more.