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  has recently introduced support for webhooks.

A webhook is a tool for retrieving and storing data from a certain event. It allows you to register an http:// or https:// URL, where data for an event can be stored in two formats: JSON or XML.

Currently   supports webhooks for order placement.  This allows merchants who have their own order management engine to push order data into your order management system.

To Create a WebHook:

1. Login to your Workspace

2. Click on Settings from the left menu. 

3. Click Webhooks from within Settings. 

4. Click "Create a Webhook".

5. On the "Add a Webhook" page, select Event "Order Complete". 

6. For "Format" choose from the two options, XML or JSON. This specifies the format in which the order placement notifications are sent to you.

7. In the "URL" field, enter the URL where you would like data to be stored. It is important to note that webhooks cannot be returned to the following URLs:

8. Click the "Add" button. Your webhook is now activated.