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 Yotpo is a social review system that gives your shoppers a great experience of both reading and writing reviews. Yotpo’s built in powerful features help you generate a lot of traffic and increases social engagement with absolutely no effort. Yotpo enables shops to generate more reviews for their products, and present them beautifully.

**This how-to guide is for advanced users only. For help with Yotpo installation, please reach out to your support team.

  1.  Create an account with Yotpo by clicking here. 
  2. Enter your name, email id and password. Click “Sign Up”.

  3. Enter your website URL without HTTP://www. (ie; Choose “Others” in the “Platform” field. Click on “Start Installation”.

  4. Click on the (>) arrow on the right to proceed with the installation process.

  5. Copy the presented javascript.

  6. Login to your Workspace. Paste the copied javascript code in the theme.fluid just before the head end content tag then save the file.

  7. Click on the (>) arrow on the right and then copy the second set of javascript code.

  8. Paste the copied code in the Product.fluid of the site wherever you would like the Yotpo widget to appear.

  9. Edit the content data with the actual product info as under then save the file.

    <div class="yotpo yotpo-main-widget" data-product-id="{{ | escape}}" data-name="{{product.title | escape}}" data-url="{{product.url | escape}}" data-image-url="{{product.featured_image.src | product_img_url style:'200x200' | escape}}" data-description="{{product.description | escape}}">


  10. In your Yotpo browser tab, Click on "Continue with the installation".

  11. Click on "Check Installation”.

  12. See screenshot to view how Yotpo Reviews will look on your webstore.

To install the Review Tab:

  1. Click on "Review tab" from "On Site" in the left navigation.

  2. If you have already followed the above steps to install Yotpo, then you do not need to add the script again. If you have not followed the above steps, copy the presented javascript code and place it just before the endheadcontent in the theme.fluid.

  3. Click on "Review tab enabled" and then "Save".



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