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To send a newsletter to the site subscribers

  1. Log in to
  2. Click SOCIAL HUB on the left menu.

  3. Click ADD POST.

    This screen appears. 

  4. Select NEWSLETTER as your channel in the COMPOSE POST page.

  5. Fill in the Title and Content. 
  6. Click INSERT LINK to insert a link to the post. 

  7. Click CHOOSE FILE to insert a featured image. 

  8. Select Mailing list.

    Select ALL to send the newsletter to all subscribers.

    Select a list to send the newsletter to a specific list of subscribers.

    Click CREATE AND MANAGE LISTS to add new subscribers.

  9. Fill in the Name and Email sections. 
  10. Click Send Now to send the newsletter immediately,  or Schedule to set the date and time.


    If you choose Send Now, click SEND.

    If you choose Schedule, select a Date Scheduled and then click SAVE.

  11. Click SEND

    This screen appears.