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This article is a further explanation of how it works for your customers.


How a Loyalty Program Works:

  • Loyalty is a members-only feature.  Only a customer who has created a login on your store can redeem and get points.  Customers must be logged in while checking out.

 loyalty_member_signup.pngImage RemovedImage Added

 [Image: Customers first sign up for your site]


  • As an administrator, you will assign points to each product.  Your customers will see details on the product page, showing how many points a product is worth.  

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[Image: In your Admin Workspace, you assign points for each product.]

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loyalty_product_page.pngImage Removed

[Image: Customers see the points allotted on the product page.]


  • When a customer purchases a product, the rewards points will be credited to his/her account. Points are updated at checkout, based on order success only.
  • Customers can view their points earned from their “My Account” page.

loyalty_my_account_points.pngImage RemovedImage Added

[Image: A customer's "My Account" page shows their points earned.]


  • As an administrator, you can also manually add points to a customer from your Workspace.

loyalty_add_points_to_customer.pngImage RemovedImage Added

 [Image: Site administrators can add points for any customer.]


  • Customers with rewards points are given the option redeem points at checkout.  They can choose how many points to redeem for a purchase.  The maximum number of points is based on the customer’s total available points, or the total purchase price, whichever is lower.

loyalty_redeem_points.pngImage RemovedImage Added

 [Image: Redeeming points for purchase at checkout.]