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5.  Reviews you choose to publish will display on the reviews page

Viewing your Review Statistics

  1. You can view the statistics of the reviews you have received on Google, Facebook & your Site by clicking on view statistics

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2.  On the Statistics screen, you will see the below information:

  1. You can see the average ratings you have received on your site, Facebook & Google accounts.
  2. You can see the total reviews you received on your site, facebook & google you received till date under Reviews. 
  3. Under Today’s Reviews, you can see the reviews you received on that particular day if any.

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3.  If you want to refine the statistics, you can set filters as per your choice. 

4. You can set the ratings you want to see, the review status – whether an action is required or responded & no action. You can then select the start and end date for the duration which you wish to see reviews for. 

After you have selected the options as per your requirements then click on Go.

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5. You can then see the number of reviews you have received in a statistical format based on the filters you chose.

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