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All themes offer a search function, for your customers and site visitors to search for a product using a search box.  

How the Search function works:

Here's what you need to know about Yourstore Search function:

  • Yourstore uses Amazon's A9 search engine to search the product catalog.
  • It searches on the following fields for all products: product title, description, vendor and type.
  • Currently, Search is only supported for the product catalog.  It does not search other content on the site.   

How to ensure your products display in the search results:

If you want a product to display on the search results page for a specific search term, you'll need to include the key search terms in at least one of these fields: 

  • product title
  • product description
  • product type, or
  • brand/manufacturer name

We recommend you put as much information as possible, especially in the product description, to ensure customers find it in any number of ways they might search for it. 

For example, if you want to display products in the search results based on colour, you can mention the colours available in the product description.

In this example for the product "Wayfarer", if a customer searches "black sunglasses", this product will display in the results.

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