1.  Go to the Workspace

2. Click on Marketing from the left menu.

3. Within Marketing, click on Newsletter Campaigns.

4. Select Create New

Create the Newsletter Campaign

 1.  Select Create New

            Step 1 - In Select Your List, select the desired list eg: Webware Testing

Step 2 - Under Campaign Name, enter the desired name. Eg: Happy Holidays December 2017

Step 3 - In From Name enter Your/Sender name eg:  (Business Name)

Step 4 - In Reply to enter Your/Sender email id eg: (Business Email ID)

Step 5 - Subject Line can be Identical to the Campaign Name.

 2.   Start building the Newsletter Template

        - Under the Newsletter Body, click on Templates and select the desired template from the dropdown.

3. Edit Newsletter Template

4. Change the color of the links/buttons

5. Test the template

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