The first step in building a site is to create an account in

This page allows you to create a site.

  1. Enter a Phone Number.
    This screen shows you the themes you can choose for the site.

  2. Select a preferred theme.
    The theme description and features screen appears.  

    This page appears.  

  4. Enter the business name.

  5. Click GO.
    This screen appears.

  6. Fill in the

  7. Click NEXT STEP.
  8. Click Visit Your Site.

Note: After creating an account, you will be redirected to your Workspace. You can now customize the site based on the customer's preferences.

For more information

To learn more about how to build a site, go to the following:

Your first steps  guides the user on how to use Workspace.

Build, save, and view the site contains an overview of how to log in to Workspace, edit the site, and more.

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