Forms on your website allow interaction with your site visitors and provide a method of collecting customer data and email addresses. Webware  allows customizable forms, so that you can gather the information that is relevant to you.

Types of Forms

There are 3 kinds of forms available on your site: Registration Form, Profile Form, and Newsletter Form.  

1. Registration Form 

To view the Registration form, click the "Register" link on the upper right of your home page.  

Visitors can create an account on your website, and can have the option to join your mailing list.  

The information entered  is then added to your Customer Section in your Workspace.

2. Profile Form

To view the Profile form, click My Account > My Profile.

This is more in-depth customer information, with additional fields including mailing address. This is more convenient when customer make repeat purchases.

Just as with the Registration form, the information entered here is then added to your Customers section in your Workspace.
3. Newsletter Form

 To view newsletter form, click "Join our Mailing List" link (usually appears in your website footer).  

The information entered in the Newsletter form is added to your Customers section in your Workspace.  The people who complete this form will be marked as "subscribed to email" in the Customer view.

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