How to schedule a Newsletter?

How to schedule a Newsletter? Browse through the Step by Step guide provided by Team on How to schedule a Newsletter. Shruthi Gautham
  • View and clone the template you wish to schedule.

  • Select the list from the drop-down menu

  • Edit the campaign name if necessary

  • Edit From Name: Name of Business

  • Edit Reply To: Customer Email

  • Click on Save As Draft and save the campaign.

  • Once your final template is ready to go out, you can send it out immediately by clicking on the send button OR

  • Schedule the date and time for the mailer to be sent out.

  • Click on the Save As Draft button.

  • If the newsletter needs to be unscheduled

    • Untick the checkbox

    • A box will appear with the message Are you sure you want to cancel the newsletter schedule?

    • Click on OK

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