Integrated / Supported Payment Gateways

Integrated / Supported Payment Gateways Browse to see Webware Integrated / Supported Payment Gateways. We also allow offline payments such as COD, money order, bank transfer. Shruthi Gautham

In order to accept orders from your customers, you need to choose one or more payment methods for your website. We recommend you set up at least one of the integrated payment gateways for your customers to make payments.

A payment gateway is a service that allows your customers to use credit cards, debit cards or net banking for purchases, and processes the transactions securely through a user’s merchant account.

Webware supported Payment Gateways

Webware currently supports the following payment gateways. Each of these gateways allow multiple payment options to be available to your customers during checkout. 

Supported Payment Gateways

  1. CCAvenue

  2. InstaMojo

  3. Payu

  4. Payu Money

  5. PayPal (Website Payments Standard)

  6. Paytek

  7. Stripe

  8. Moneris

NOTE: Each payment gateway has its own fee structures and features associated with it, so we recommend that you research each of these before you decide which one is right for you.

 Webware also allows offline payments such as COD, money order, check or bank transfer, and other custom payment methods.  

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