Order Status and Payment Status

Order Status and Payment Status When you view customer orders, the status of the order and payment varies depending on the process. Browse to learn more. Shruthi Gautham

When you view customer orders, the status of the order and payment varies depending on the process.

The following are the possible order statuses and their descriptions.

Order Status:

  • Not Shipped: This is the default status when an order has been created. All orders start off with this status.

  • Being Processed: Use this to indicate that the customer has finished paying for the order and the order is being processed. 

  • Fully Shipped: The order has been fully shipped.

  • Partially Shipped: One or some of the items have been shipped.

  • Awaiting fulfilment: As the order has been partially shipped and is awaiting fulfilment.

  • Closed: The order has been closed.

Payment Status:

  • Issued: The default status of all invoices except COD. This is the status that is set once the checkout button on the checkout page is checked and the order first created.

  • Pending: the transaction is not completed on the payment gateway side.

  • Authorized: The payment gateway has authorized the payment, ie they have blocked that amount of credit on the user's card. However this amount has not been settled i.e. credited into your account. This scenario is only applicable with international payment gateways where authorization and capture are 2 separate steps. All Indian payment gateways do both in one step, so orders from Indian customers should never be in this status.

  • Paid: the payment has been captured and the money transferred to the merchant's account. This happens once the payment gateway approves the purchase.

  • Declined: Payment did not go through the payment gateway or returned as Declined.

For "COD - Cash On Delivery", the payment status will be marked as "Authorized".  When you receive notification that the shipment has been delivered and the cash collected, you should log into the Workspace, navigate to that order and click the "Accept Payment" option to change the payment status to Paid.  

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